Learning Arabic with Nasheeds 3 | عربی ترانوں کی مدد سے ۳

يلله Lets do it – چلیں

shakautu ila Waki` su’a hifdhi
wa arshada-ni an tark al-ma`asi
wa akhbara-ni bi anna ilman nur
wa nur Allah la yu`ta al-`as

The great Imam ash-Shafi’, he went to his teacher Waki`
Complaining about the weakness of his memory.
He told him, ‘abandon rebellion, for knowledge is a light
And the light of Allah is not bestowed upon a rebel.’

مفردات Vocabulary – نئے الفاظ

شكوي Complaint / grievance
سوء Misfortune/ ill/ bad
حفظ –  Retention/ Memorizing
ارشاد Showing the way, Instruction, direction, spiritual guidance
ترك To let be/ leave/ abstain/ quit
معاص) معصية)  –  Disobedience/ Rebellion
اخبار Information/ Note/ Message
عصاة) عاص) – Disobedient/ Sinful/ Rebel

الجمل Sentences – جملے

شَكَوْتُ إلَى وَكِيعٍ سُوءَ حِفْظِي
I complaint to Waki` for my bad memory

فَأرْشَدَنِي إلَى تَرْكِ المعَاصي
So he instructed me to abstain from disobedience

وَأخْبَرَنِي بأَنَّ العِلْمَ نُورٌ
and he informed me that Knowledge is light

ونورُ الله لا يهدى/ يوتي لعاصي
and light of Allah is not given/ bestowed to disobedient

Note: The Arabic lyrics are in First person – the first English translation by the Singer is in 3rd person.


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