Learning Arabic with Nasheeds 4 | عربی ترانوں کی مدد سے ۴

يلله Lets do it – چلیں

كلمات جديدة – Vocabulary – نے الفاظ

ايمان Faith/ belief
مومن Believing/ faithful/ believer
امن To have faith/ To believe

ب – This single letter of Arabic is translated in 17 different ways, some of them are: in, at, on (place and time), with, through, by means of, for (at the price of), by (to the amount of) – more examples of this letter:
باليل – at (by) night
بالنهار – during the daytime – by day
ليس بي ان – its not my intention to…

الله name of God (the one and only)
ملك / ملائكة Angel
كتاب / كتب Book
رسول / رسل Messenger, envoy, delegate

قدر – Predestination/ fate/ destiny
خير – Blessing/ welfare
شر – Ill/ Damage
بعث Resurrection
بعد After
موت To die/ perish
موت ابيض – Natural deathلا No/ none
اله God
ال But

الجمل – Sentences – جملے

امنت بالله و ملائكته
I believe in Allah and his angels

و كتبه و رسله و اليوم الاخر
and his books, and his messengers and the last day

و قدر خيره و شره من الله
and divine destiny that blessing and damage is from Allah

و بعث بعد الموت، لا اله الله
and resurrection after death, (there is) no God but Allah

لا اله الله محمد رسول الله
(there is) no God but Allah (and) Mohammad is his Messenger

Detailed Notes

ALLAH God الله

The Name of the Creator of the Universe and all that it
contains. Derives from the word “Ilah” – اله which means “the One
deserving all worship”, the One to Whom all hearts submit in
love, fear, reverence, desire, trust and sincerity, and to Whom
all limbs submit in all forms of worship such as prayers,
supplications, sacrifices, invocations, etc.

1 – Allah has decreed that His Holy Name is “Allah” and has
ordained that all His creation call upon Him by the name
of “Allah”. In the original Bible and Taurat (in the
Hebrew text), the name “Allah” is used.

2 – In Islam the name “God” is not used for the fear of
misunderstanding. To the Christians it will give them a
mental image of a human being (the Prophet Jesus, son
of Mary, peace be on him), to some Hindus it creates a
mental picture of an animal (a cow). To the Zoroastrians
it creates a picture of a fire, Allah, there is none but He,
King of the Universe, the Creator and Originator of all
that there is. He has no beginning nor end. He was not
begotten nor did He beget. He is not like any thing.

Belief – عقيده

Plural : ‘Aqaaid – عقائد. Literally means belief. In Islamic terminology,
it means articles of faith. There are six articles of faith:
Belief in Allah. We believe:
He is the Lord and Creator of all that
there is.
He is the True God and all other deities
are false.
He is One, and has no associates (sons or
He alone has the knowledge of the
Unseen and of the Hour.
In His Names and Attributes .
He never came down to earth in any shape
or form.
He is Everlasting, He did not beget nor
was He begotten, and He is not like
His Mala’ikah (angels). We believe:
They are His honoured servants.
They act only by His command.
They are made out of light ( Nur ).
They obey all of Allah’s commands.
All angels are good and incapable of
wrong doing. (We do not believe in
the notion of a “fallen angel”.)
They may be seen by some men only by
Allah’s consent.
His Revealed Books. We believe:
He has sent down books with every
The original books of Allah that were
sent to the Prophets Abraham, Moses,
David and Jesus no longer exist in
their original form. We believe only
in the original Taurat (Torah), Zaboor
(Psalms) and Ingeel (Gospel).
The Holy Qur’an that was revealed to the
Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad,
may Allah bless him and grant him
peace, is the only perfect book of
Allah that is free from corruption and
is a true source of light for all
His Rusull (Messengers). We believe:
The Messengers of Allah Ta’ala include
Muhammad, may Allah bless him
and grant him peace, Abraham, Noah,
Jesus, Moses, peace be on them all.
All messengers are human beings.
Muhammad’s message encompasses and
abrogates all the messages of all the
other messengers, since Muhammad,
may Allah bless him and grant him
peace, is the last Messenger and the
Holy Qur’an is the Last Message
from Allah before the end of the
Belief in the Day of Judgement. We
In the Final Day, which is the Day of
There will be no intercessors except by
Allah’s leave.
Muhammad, may Allah bless him and
grant him peace, will be given
permission to intercede on behalf of
all those who believed in Allah and
the Last Day and who submitted their
will to Him, that is, those who are
“Muslims” (Muslim = One who
submits his or her will to Almighty
Heaven is for the believers and Hell is
for the rejecters.
Our book of deeds will be given to us in
our right or left hand (to the believers
and unbelievers respectively).
Belief in Fate and the Divine Decree.
We believe:
In fate, whether good or bad, which
Allah has measured and ordained for
all His creatures.
His decree cannot be changed except by
His leave.
Allah has granted man the free will to
choose between good and evil. Thus,
there is no excuse for wrong action in
the sight of Allah Ta’ala.
All that is to happen until the Day of
Judgement is already written down
on the Lauh al-Mahfudh.

O Allah! Let me not die except in Islam, and raise me on the
Day of Judgement only as a Muslim. Ameen!


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